New bindist repositories for 10.5 are available at our site!

Unstable binaries for 10.5 PPC

We start to provide unstable bindist for 10.5 PPC. To use this, write:

deb unstable main crypto

at the end line of /sw/etc/apt/sources.list. Notice that the ecc repository (following line) is no longer needed for any users.

deb ecc main crypto

If that line exists in your /sw/etc/apt/sources.list, please remove it. We will not provide the binaries in ecc tree. (but finkinfos are still available in cvs)

Official stable binaries for 10.5

We also start to mirror the official stable binaries for 10.5 (both PPC and Intel). If you want to get the binaries from our site, set


in your /sw/etc/fink.conf, and set

deb 10.5/release main crypto

deb 10.5/current main crypto

in your /sw/etc/apt/sources.list.

Enjoy binary life!