Project Description

Our Project, Manta aims at building user-oriented package management system. It will provide various information including software reviews written in his/her mother tongue and rankings of software from different point of views so that it can be of great help for users to find desired software.


  • Tomoya Yoshizawa -- Project lead
  • Keita Oda
  • Takashi Asari -- Web application lead
  • Yasushi Hikida
  • Shinra Aida -- Algorithm lead
  • Tomoaki Okayama
  • Hiroyuki Onoda
  • Motoi Washida -- Installer lead
  • Mamoru Komachi

Manta in Conferences

We presented a prototype of Manta in Open Source Conference 2005 Fall on 17 September 2005. It will include package search, reviews of packages and personalized list of recommended software.



Manta Project is sponsored by "Unexplored Software Creation Project (Youth)" in 2005. Our thanks to Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA), Japan, SOUM Corporation and